Pedestrian Accidents: Who is Responsible and How to Settle?

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No one expects their life to change in the blink of an eye, but that is sort of the risk that we all take when we get into our vehicles each day. We don’t really think about it that much as we put on our seatbelt, turn on our music, and start going about our day.

However, anything can happen out on those open roads. One of the things that you need to know is that pedestrian accidents are one of the things that could happen to you.

Factors That Could Put You At Fault

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There are circumstances in which the driver is at fault in the eyes of the law when it comes to pedestrian accidents. There are certain things which drivers are always supposed to do while operating a motor vehicle legally on the United States roadways. Failure to do these things could result in being found at fault in an accident situation.

Some of the things that could put a person at risk of being found at fault according to FindLaw are as follows:

  • Disobeying Stop Signs
  • Speeding
  • Distracted Driving
  • Texting While Driving

This is not a comprehensive list of course, but those are a few things that you could be doing that would lead a court to throw the book at you every time. You are always supposed to yield to pedestrians, so it is important that you understand that you are going to have a suspicious eye on you just because you are the driver in this scenario to begin with.

Looking At Settlements

Assuming that you are sued by the pedestrian that you hit with your vehicle, you might want to work quickly to come up with a settlement agreement that might work for the both of you.

After all, if you know that you are in wrong in the eyes of the law, there is not much point carrying on trying to fight things. You know that you should have done things differently, but you ended up in the place where you are now. Sometimes you just have to play the hand that you are dealt.

Having a professional attorney to help you with a case makes a lot of sense for the person who believes that he or she is likely to be seen as guilty in the eyes of the law. That attorney can help you reach the settlement terms that will best work for you as quickly as humanly possible.

A settlement could end up saving you hundreds or more likely thousands of dollars. It can also prevent a protracted court battle. You would be foolish to not at least look into the possibility of using an attorney for this situation.

They know the law better than anyone and can help explain every intricate detail to you as you go along. You might just discover that you can get back to your regular life a lot sooner than you expected.

July 7, 2018