Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer to Assist With ICBC Claims?

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While some people have unfortunately been involved in a motorcycle or car accident several times in the past, others may be dealing with their first experience. Some may have only been involved in minor fender benders, and they may now be involved with a serious car accident claim. Obtaining financial compensation through ICBC claims or ICBC settlements is a top priority. After all, you may be in a financially dire position if you cannot recoup funds for medical bills, lost wages, vehicle repairs and more. If you are preparing to walk through this process for the first time, you may be wondering if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. This is an option to consider rather than a requirement, and you can learn more about the pros and cons to help you make a wise decision.

The Cost of Legal Services

One of the top factors that people initially focus on when making this decision is the cost of legal services. Law firms each have their own unique payment structure. For example, some charge an hourly rate or a flat rate, and others charge a contingency fee. With a contingency fee, you will not pay legal fees unless the attorney wins the case. The attorney will then take a predetermined percentage of the award as his or her fee. Each payment method has its pros and cons, and the rate established by different law firms varies as well. Consider, for example, that attorneys that charge a flat rate will get paid regardless of the outcome of the case, and because of this, they may be less motivated to put in extra time and effort to help you win. However, with a contingency rate, you may wind up paying more than you otherwise would with a flat or hourly rate. There are many aspects of legal fees to consider, but you should be able to set up a structure that works well for you because of the many law firms available to choose from.

The Experience and Education of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Because there are different payment structures available for legal fees, it is easy to set up a structure that works well with your budget as well as your financial concerns. However, you may still be wondering if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer at all. Even if you can afford the professional’s services, you may not want to hire a professional if his or her services would not truly benefit you. A personal injury lawyer is highly skilled in this area of the law, and his or her education and experience can both be critical to the success of your case. This is a professional who will guide you through the process, develop the best strategy for success and assist you with documenting your case for great results.

If you truly believe that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to represent yourself, hiring a lawyer may not be worthwhile. However, most people find that these services are highly beneficial for their case. Are you interested in learning more? Visit Preszler Law Firm for additional information.

February 22, 2017