Why You Should Get a Disability Lawyer in Canada

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Disabled persons may face discrimination in the workplace, educational centers, or from the societal operations. However, the good news is that they have rights and laws that protect them from the discrimination, which is universal in all the Canadian provinces. The persons with disabilities may face challenges and social barriers that prevent them from performing their roles at work efficiently. They may also have a problem with the insurance companies while trying to get CPP if they are unable to work at any job on a regular basis. The disability lawyer guides the disabled through the process of acquiring the disability benefits.

Justice for People with Disabilities

Over 13.7% of adult Canadians were living with disabilities by 2012, and the number has gradually increased over the years. The individuals may experience barriers while trying to access justice and equality in different aspects of life. However, bodies like the Council of Canadians with Disabilities are in place to raise awareness to the lawmakers, judges, and other stakeholders in the justice departments on the importance of providing extensive care to persons with disabilities. The government has formulated the disability laws in Ontario that help everyone in the economic sector and government entities to eliminate any discrimination against the persons with disabilities in the province.

Disability Laws and the Government

Different private and government entities work hard in hand in regulating different sectors to allow accommodation of the disabled. They prohibit discrimination in service, accommodation, and occupancy for any disabled person. The schools also provide special education programs that meet the needs of the students. Additionally, homeowners get tax exemptions for improvements and alteration done to existing homes to accommodate persons with disabilities.

About CPP

Everyone over 18 years and above and with a minimum salary of $3,500 should contribute to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). The Canadians receive the CPP retirement pension benefits after attainment of 65 years of age. The disability laws in Ontario and the whole of Canada allow anyone who has endured a severe and prolonged disability to get the CPP benefits regardless of their age. Most insurance companies are bound to refuse to provide coverage hence the need to acquire a disability lawyer to help you make a claim on the CPP benefits.


The Canadian government has taken a proactive approach in ensuring the protection of the rights and laws of people living with disability in Canada while at the same time increasing their opportunities in the society. Numerous disability lawyers in most provinces would help with the CPP claims and compensation, so getting one is easy. The Disabled Law website has the available resources if you would like to learn more.

May 15, 2017